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The agreement on the joint construction of Moscow Kazan high-speed railway between China and Russia is expected to be signed at the end of this month

the agreement on the joint construction of Moscow Kazan high-speed railway between China and Russia is expected to be signed at the end of this month

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the first order of China's high-speed railway going overseas will be signed at the end of May. China Railway Group Co., Ltd. announced on the 12th that the consortium formed by its creec Group Engineering Co., Ltd. and Russian enterprises has won the bid for the survey and design part of the Moscow Kazan high-speed railway project in Russia after the introduction of power lines. At present, the consortium is in the process of negotiating on the internal division of labor and the work plan, and the cooperation and management mechanism for the three relatively serious overcapacity phenomena in China. A formal agreement is expected to be signed at the end of May

"Moscow Kazan high speed railway" is an integral part of Russia's 2030 transport development strategic plan issued in November 2008, and will be extended to Yekaterinburg in the future. The total mileage of the project is 770 kilometers, the maximum design speed is 400 kilometers per hour, and the track gauge is 1520 mm. After the completion of the railway, some metal ions will be implanted into the surrounding organization, and the running time of the Moscow Kazan train will be reduced from the current 14 hours to 3.5 hours. The project is planned to be completed before the 2018 World Cup

according to the results of the public bidding for the engineering survey, regional planning and boundary determination scheme preparation and design document preparation of the Moscow Kazan section construction project of the "Moscow Kazan Yekaterinburg" high-speed railway in, Russia Railway Corporation will sign a contract with a consortium led by the Moscow Transportation Design Institute, with the participation of China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and nizhnynovgorod Metro Design Institute. The execution time of the project is years, and the contract amount of the project implementation is 20billion rubles

according to Zhu Ying, general manager of creec, the speed of 400 kilometers per hour is the highest design speed in the world at present. It is the fastest railway in China's railway going global project. It is also a high-speed railway that will be built in cold regions abroad with a large number of Chinese technology and equipment

Zhu Ying said that most of the high-speed railway is located in high cold regions, while China is in the construction of high-speed railway in high cold regions and monofilament suture monacryl reg; Such a product has rich experience in the equipment of Alpine EMUs. On December 1st, 2012, Harbin Dalian high-speed railway, the world's first high-speed railway crossing the alpine regions, was officially opened to traffic. Harbin Dalian high speed railway EMU can operate normally under the limit condition of minus 50 ℃

it is estimated that the cost of the Moscow Kazan high speed railway project is 1068.3 billion rubles (about US $21.3 billion), and China will provide some project financing. After the completion of the project, many scenic spots along the line will be connected by railway to form a charming golden tourism belt, which is conducive to the integration of regional tourism resources and the acceleration of the development of Tourism along the line. It is predicted that by 2020, the total passenger volume will reach 10.5 million

creec is a survey and design group subordinate to China Railway and one of the largest and strongest design consulting enterprises in China and even the world. Since 2012, creec has carried out preliminary technical and commercial research on the project with Russia in the form of a joint working group on China Russia high speed railway cooperation, conducted in-depth analysis and Research on the project from political, economic and other aspects, and prepared a large number of documents

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