The agreement on selling plastic machinery from Si

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According to overseas media reports, German Siemens has agreed to cancel the agreement to sell Mannesmann plastic machinery to Apax partners, a private-equity enterprise

the reason for the cancellation of the agreement is that the trade prospect of Mannesmann plastic machinery is expected to be poor, which may significantly reduce this year and next, and keep Hong Kong prosperous and stable for a long time. Apax's financing can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials, so it is difficult. After the terrorist attacks on September 11 in the United States, some orders from other private enterprises may also be cancelled or renegotiated with powerful functions and accurate data processing

it is reported that due to the terrorist attacks, people's confidence in economic recovery has declined, and Henkel household chemical products company may have to renegotiate the sale of special chemical machinery to Schroder risk and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners

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