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The innovation and enterprising orders of Junma glass continue to improve product quality and innovate technology, which is an important guarantee for the development of the enterprise. Since its establishment, Inner Mongolia Yidong Junma glass products Co., Ltd. has been actively exploring, innovating equipment and technology, and moving forward on the road of development. The production and sales volume has increased year by year

although the overall economy of the country is down, Inner Mongolia must Junma glass products Co., Ltd. is hardly affected. On the contrary, the glass wine bottles produced by the company are particularly popular. In the company's production workshop, we can see that several production lines are running at full speed, fully completing the continuous order tasks from all over the country

"from January to November this year, compared with the same period last year, our output value will double to more than 80 million. At present, there are many orders, and we can't arrange production." The maximum injection volume of Inner Mongolia Yidong Junma glass products reached 300000 grams, said Liu Zaicheng, workshop director of the company

Liu Zaicheng told that all such large orders were due to the newly introduced 8s fully automated wine glass bottle production equipment. On the wine bottle production line, I saw this 8s production equipment. At this time, it was running at full speed. Dozens of robot hands work at the same time. It only takes a few seconds, and the wine glass bottle is formed without manual operation

"This machine has better performance. After using it, our efficiency has improved. We should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty. In the first aspect, fewer people use it; in the second aspect, the output is higher. In the past, the manual machine can produce 5000 wine bottles a day, but now it can produce 10000 bottles. Mainly in terms of quality, it can create more high-end bottles. The carefully crafted automobile lightweight achievements display area will use advanced and innovative technology The new and comprehensive product display makes you feel the new future of automobile lightweight. Since the 8s machine was started, we have more orders, higher benefits and considerable profits. " Liu Zaicheng said

Liu Zaicheng told that the traditional manual production equipment they used in the past not only had low output, but also produced many wine bottles whose quality could not meet the needs of the high-end market. After many investigations, they finally decided to take the lead in using 8s wine bottle production equipment in China. Since the introduction of this equipment, the production and sales volume of the company has reached a new level

"During the month of August, we produced and sold more than 3 million wine bottles per month, and since August, we have been able to sell more than 4 million bottles per month. According to the market demand, we have also increased our production. There are gradually more high-end bottles in all aspects, such as decals and roasted flowers, than before, and the monthly sales can basically reach more than 4 million. This will enable the impact tester system to play a greater role in scientific research and experiments. After August, now every The monthly sales volume should reach more than 6 million. Basically, the production is relatively stable, and the order market is relatively stable in all aspects. It is about to reach the peak, which is expected to reach more than 8 million a month. " Liu Zaicheng said

the fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys. Since Inner Mongolia Yidong Junma glass products Co., Ltd. used new equipment, wineries all over the country have come to seek cooperation. Liu Zaicheng told that this year, Hongmao medicinal wine alone placed orders for 6million bottles, and other large and small wineries have become partners with them. Liu Zaicheng told them that now there are nearly 50 distilleries working with them all over the country, including Hetao group, Hongmao Pharmaceutical Group, Fenjiu Group, Wuliangye Group, Wuhai liquor, Erdos liquor There are also small distilleries in various flag counties. Moreover, the number of wineries cooperating is increasing. In the next step, they will continue to innovate technology and improve equipment to cope with more order tasks

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