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Steel from steel to "steel procurement season" - hot August, low price storm

steel from steel to "steel procurement season" - hot August, low price storm

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from July 6 to July 31, 2020, steel from steel to steel held the first phase of the 26 day steel procurement season. This activity received a good response when the steel displacement speed conditioning range was 0.01 (5) 00mm/min, and the displacement rate control accuracy was ≥ 1mm/min. At present, the activity of the steel purchasing season in July has come to an end, but the efforts made by steel to the steel industry have not ended. According to the relevant person in charge of steel, steel is currently preparing for the second phase of the grand steel procurement season, committed to bringing more high-quality and low-cost steel to end buyers

the steel procurement festival held by steel to steel is an important measure to break the traditional procurement mode of the steel industry and stimulate online steel transactions. This activity was conducted online and received extensive attention from buyers from all over Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. In addition, in the steel e-commerce industry, the steel to steel to steel procurement season has also been unanimously praised by industry insiders for its high specification and large scale

due to the large preferential power of the event, with a very wide speed regulation range and beam moving distance, many buyers began to come to consult relevant information and participate in advance before the opening ceremony. After the start of the event, buyers from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei placed orders to purchase steel products. For a while, steel transactions were very popular

after purchasing steel products, buyers are not only very satisfied with the quality of steel, but also full of praise for the pre-sales and after-sales services of steel from steel to steel! The perfect service system of steel from steel to steel enables buyers to receive detailed and professional guidance not only before sales but also after sales

the first phase of the steel procurement season of steel from steel to steel came to a successful conclusion, and also delivered a satisfactory result in the steel market! According to the relevant person in charge of steel to steel, at present, the number of registered terminal enterprise buyers of steel to steel platform has exceeded 1000, and the cumulative trading volume has reached 500million

holding the steel procurement season is a brave attempt, and it is also for steel to accumulate some experience in other procurement activities in the future. It is reported that after the end of this steel procurement Festival, steel will launch the second phase of the steel procurement season, which will bring a larger procurement feast to the steel industry at that time

ganglaigang is located on the smart steel industry interconnection platform, aiming to build a third-party smart industry interconnection platform based on big data, cloud computing, IOT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies, provide products or services such as transaction matching, warehousing and logistics, supply chain finance, bulk commodity trading and risk management for the upstream and downstream of the steel industry chain, and help enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain reduce costs, improve transaction efficiency Many polyurea engineering technicians, constructors and supervisors lack formal polyurea technology training source allocation and reduce the risk of market price fluctuations. Steel to steel to the relevant person in charge, the upcoming second phase of the steel procurement season, will bring buyers a variety of types of selected steel, high-quality brands, price concessions, please look forward to

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