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On July 1, Panzhihua Iron and steel group reported good news. As of June 30, the rail and beam plant of the company had completed 550600 tons of rails, exceeding the planned target of the first half of the year. This is another historic breakthrough for Pangang to seize the opportunity of railway development, refine, strengthen and expand rail products, and also laid a good foundation for Pangang to win the rail market in 2009

achieve the rapid take-off of China's railways

on June 11, 2008, the CRH3 motor car with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour ran out of a speed of 380 kilometers per hour in the test of China's Beijing Tianjin lithium battery leading group to promote the two-way development of high nickel smart energy battery cables for intercity high-speed railways. On June 24, the domestic "harmony" CRH3 EMU achieved a high speed of 394.3 kilometers per hour in the operation test of the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway, and half-hour access to Beijing and Tianjin has become a reality. Relevant experts from the Ministry of Railways said, "at present, the most cutting-edge and high-end technologies of high-speed railways in the world are integrated here."

the rails laid on the Beijing Tianjin intercity high-speed railway are all fixed length high-speed rails with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour and a length of 100 meters. The high-speed operation test of Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway shows that the high-speed rail of Pangang fully meets the high-speed railway requirements of high speed, high safety, high comfort and high fatigue resistance. The high-speed rail of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has achieved the rapid development of China's railway across the 30-year history of Railways in developed countries in only three years, and made the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway become the first high-speed intercity railway with intellectual property rights and world-class level in China. This important passage of the Beijing Olympic Games amazed the world, and made the high-speed rail of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co. dazzling

the excellent performance of Pangang rail in Beijing Tianjin intercity high-speed railway is by no means accidental. Since the development and production of the first rail in 1975, Pangang has stood on the starting line of China's rail speed increase. In 1999, Pangang took the lead in developing and producing high-speed turnout rails that are compatible with the speed of 200 kilometers per hour in China. In 2000, when China's third railway speed increase came, Pangang successfully broke the blockade of foreign high-speed rail production technology and market monopoly. Through scientific and technological innovation, it broke through high-end technical problems in the development of high-speed rail, and took the lead in producing high-speed rail with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour in domestic ordinary rolling production lines, ending the history of China without high-speed rail

In 2003, in order to meet the requirements of the rapid development of China's railway construction for higher and faster rail quality and speed, Pangang introduced world-class rail straightening machines, rail testing centers, and rail combined sawing and drilling machines from abroad, and took the lead in building a first-class rail finishing line in China. In 2004, the world-class universal rolling mill and control system were introduced from abroad, and the unique seven stand layout was adopted, taking the lead in building a world-class universal production line with world-class equipment and technology in China

in December 2004, Pangang universal production line took the lead in rolling China's first 100 meter long fixed length rail. Since 2005, Pangang has successively developed and produced 100 meter long scale iron standard rails with high dimensional accuracy, high purity, high straightness and high surface finish in the universal production line, as well as 100 meter long scale high-speed rails and heat treatment series rails with speeds of 200 kilometers per hour, 250 kilometers per hour, 300 kilometers per hour and 350 kilometers per hour. In 2007, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. successfully developed and produced special section wing rails for high-speed turnout movable center rail frogs by using the universal production line, ending the history of high-speed turnout wing rails relying on forging in China, and greatly improving the quality of high-speed turnout wing rails in China. In 2007, Pangang built the first 100 meter heat-treated rail production line in China and world-class, which was listed as the national high-tech industrialization project, and realized the high-speed, heavy-duty and long-length of heat-treated rails

from the first common rail line in 1975 to the production of ultra-high strength heat-treated rails with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour; From the initial export to a few developing countries, to now export to more than 20 countries and regions, including the United States and other developed countries; From becoming the main track for the fifth and sixth speed increases of China's railways, to 72% of the tracks for Qinghai Tibet railway, and then to the tracks for high-speed railways such as Hainan West ring line, Hefei Wuhan line, and Wuhan Guangzhou line... For more than 30 years, Pangang has continuously relied on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation to strive to refine, strengthen, and expand the rails, so that the rails of Pangang have developed from the first generation of PD1 rails to the fourth generation of pg4 rails, and the rail quality has been better than that of one generation, The production and sales volume have increased year by year. The total output of steel rails has reached more than 11.7 million tons, and the export of steel rails is nearly 1 million tons. Pangang has long been a designated rail manufacturer by the Ministry of Railways and has made important contributions to the development of China's railway industry

nowadays, Pangang can not only organize the production according to any international and domestic rail standards, but also produce rails of any single weight and cross-section shape according to the special requirements of users, with more than 30 varieties and specifications, ranking first in the world. And it has the only "gold medal pass" for rail export exemption in China. In 2007, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. achieved the highest total output, the largest export volume, the highest output of 100 meter long rail and the widest coverage of product specifications in the world. Relevant people believe that Panzhihua Iron and steel rail, especially the high-speed rail, which integrates the advantages of resources and technology, will certainly be able to take on the important task of China's railway take-off leader in the future, catch up with and surpass the 'world speed', and open the 'wind chasing era' of China's railway

seizing the unparalleled opportunity of railway development

more than 30 years of honing has created the gold lettered signboard of Pangang steel rail, and won the first opportunity for Pangang to expand the rail market. Railway lines at home and abroad have rushed to adopt all kinds of rail products produced by Pangang. Rail orders continue to flow, and rail production and sales increase year by year. In July, 2008, Pangang rail won the "China steel industry product development market development award"

in recent years, Pangang's 100 meter long fixed length series rails have successively paved China's first Beijing Tianjin intercity high-speed railway line with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, Suining Chongqing high-speed railway line, servo valve as a tool often used by experimental machines, Hefei Nanjing high-speed railway line, Hefei Wuhan high-speed railway line, Hainan ring island and other railway lines. Panzhihua Iron and steel 25 meter fixed length series rails are paved with Qinhuangdao Shenyang and Daqin high-speed heavy haul railway lines, Qinghai Tibet railway line at the roof of the world, Beijing Guangzhou railway line, Guangzhou Shenzhen railway line, Baoji Chengdu railway line, Chengdu Kunming railway line and other major railway trunk lines in China. Panzhihua Iron and steel rails are paved on the Beijing subway, the "Olympic First Avenue" express rail operator from Beijing Xizhimen to the Olympic Village through Dongzhimen

in recent years, with the great acceleration of railway construction in China, the steel rail series represented by 100 meter rail in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co. is in short supply. In order to meet the needs of railway construction and users' increasingly high requirements for product quality, Pangang actively undertakes state-owned enterprises, always puts social benefits first, and fully supports the key construction of national railways. Pangang rail and beam plant adheres to the balanced and stable production organization policy, actively innovates production management methods, accelerates production rhythm, improves production efficiency, and strives to tap the existing rail production capacity. According to the contract conditions of 100 meter long fixed length rail and 100 meter long fixed length high-speed rail, it constantly adjusts the variety structure, tries to expand the variety and batch of rail, constantly refreshes the records of monthly production, daily production and shift production, and successfully completes the supply contract of the Ministry of railways

at present, China is accelerating the speed of railway construction at an unprecedented speed. The railway has been in the golden opportunity period of accelerating development. In October this year, the state introduced ten measures to stimulate domestic demand, accelerating railway construction has become a key investment, and large-scale railway construction is being carried out across the country. It is reported that there are 150 key railway projects under construction nationwide, with a total investment of more than 1.2 trillion yuan. According to the railway construction plan of the Ministry of railways, the construction investment is expected to be more than 300billion yuan in 2008, 600billion yuan in 2009 and more than 600billion yuan in 2010. After today and tomorrow, the normal loading speed range is 0.001~20in/Min (1in.=2.54cm) in a few years, a large number of new passenger dedicated lines, intercity railways, coal transportation channels, Western railways and other projects will be completed and put into operation. In the medium and long-term railway planning formulated by the state and the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for railway construction and development, it is proposed to increase the railway operating mileage from 70000 kilometers in 2005 to 100000 kilometers in 2010; Increase the double track rate and electrification rate of National Railways to 45% in 2010 and 50% in 2020; 7000 kilometers of passenger dedicated lines will be built before 2010, and 12000 kilometers of passenger dedicated lines will be built before 2020 to realize the separation of passengers and freight on the main trunk line

relevant people claimed that since June 2008, railway construction has been vigorously promoted at the speed of "at least two projects per month". These include Yichang Wanzhou railway electrification project, Shanghai Nanjing intercity railway, Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou Railway, Beijing Shijiazhuang railway passenger dedicated line and Shijiazhuang Wuhan railway passenger dedicated line. From September to October, a large number of key railway projects, such as Beijing Shijiazhuang and Shijiazhuang Wuhan passenger dedicated lines, Lanzhou Chongqing railway, Guiyang Guangzhou railway, and the second Kua line of Southern Xinjiang Railway, have started in succession. Among them, the estimated total investment of Shijiazhuang Wuhan passenger dedicated railway project is 116.76 billion yuan; The estimated total investment of Guiyang Guangzhou railway is 85.8 billion yuan. The total investment of these railway projects alone has reached 405.18 billion yuan, equivalent to half of the investment scale in the past four years. There is no doubt that railway construction investment has become a strong support to stimulate domestic demand and maintain the smooth operation of the economy

the surging railway investment brings bursts of warmth to the rail production enterprises in the cold winter of the market. It is estimated that the national railway investment plan will bring a billion yuan cake to the rail steel market. How to enjoy this rail feast has become a problem for important domestic rail manufacturers such as Pangang. At present, in addition to Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., there are also Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. which produce rails. It is estimated that the national rail output will reach 4million tons in 2009. In the face of the demand of the upcoming blowout, this seems not enough. On November 13, less than a month after the Ministry of Railways launched the 2trillion yuan railway investment plan, a relevant person from the Ministry of Railways revealed that the planned investment scale of China's railway in the next three years will exceed 3.5 trillion yuan, of which the railway investment plan in 2009 is 600billion yuan, an increase of nearly 70% over 2008. According to industry estimates, among the 3.5 trillion yuan railway investment scale, the railway infrastructure investment in 2009 alone required 20million tons of steel, of which nearly 3.5 million tons were the incremental demand for rail. The rail procurement volume of the Beijing Shanghai Expressway, which is only under construction, will reach about 300000 tons, accounting for about 1/12 of the national production capacity. The industry expects that the Beijing Shanghai Expressway will launch rail bidding at the end of 2009, and the main variety is the long gauge rail with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour

in the face of the upcoming railway feast, Pangang has been riveted. Heavy rail is the fist product of Pangang, which not only occupies a high domestic market share, but also exports to Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions. Faced with the opportunity of the state spending huge sums of money on railway construction, Pangang made a decisive decision to produce heavy rail in large quantities. In order to produce more heavy rail steel, Pangang held several special meetings on "making bloom heavy rail steel" in 2008, proposed to organize the production of heavy rail steel by 100000 tons per month, determined 30 guarantee measures, and finally set a new record of 107000 tons per month in October. The 950 old line passed the certification of railway standard gauge at the end of November 2008. In order to improve the production capacity, the production line also carried out process optimization and equipment improvement

in 2009, Pangang adjusted the annual output of steel rails

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