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Steel to steel to: add 14 large-scale steel trading enterprises to settle on the platform, and the genuine low price is the trump card

steel to steel to: add 14 large-scale steel trading enterprises to settle on the platform, and the genuine low price is the trump card

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recently, steel to steel to platform has heavily settled in 14 large-scale steel trading companies. Based on their own industry resources, professional technology, service experience, the two sides will conduct research on industrial model, enterprise brand promotion Carry out extensive cooperation in product channel expansion, customer service innovation and other aspects, establish strategic cooperative relations, and jointly promote the coordinated development of the iron and steel industry chain

in the traditional steel trade process, the connection between steel suppliers and end buyers often needs to go through layers of middlemen and service providers. The emergence of the steel to steel platform is precisely in the hope of reducing the transaction process between steel suppliers and end buyers, reducing the sales cost of steel trading companies, and on the basis of Internet technology, cooperating with steel trading companies to help promote the brand of steel trading and digital marketing

reduce the sales rate of steel trading companies, but their cost will increase with the passage of time.

in traditional steel sales, steel traders need to bear business entertainment expenses, sales commission bonuses, office rental expenses and other sales costs. In the steel to steel platform, steel traders can complete the whole sales circulation process without spending any cost. For steel traders, entering the steel to steel platform can not only save about 80% of the sales cost, but also improve the circulation efficiency of steel sales

strong alliance, brand promotion

the steel to steel platform has a large number of industry resources including associations, industry KOLs, and has a large number of SEM, we media matrix exposure, which can cover a large number of accurate buyers and bring high-quality customers and orders to steel trading companies. In addition, entering the steel to steel platform can also enhance the brand awareness of the steel trading company through the platform's open screen advertising, banner advertising booth, activity booth and other marketing advertising displays

say goodbye to blind sales, digital marketing

in this era of Internet flooding, marketing without data is like entering a middle-aged crisis, confused and blind. Steel from steel to base alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel) and cold work die steel are equal to the ability to analyze and summarize big data. The platform is also becoming more and more accurate in analyzing customer needs. Steel to steel will comprehensively improve the data informatization level of steel traders and promote the reasonable sales of steel traders through the interconnection of big data. Through the background management system of steel to steel, steel traders can quickly view and analyze the daily number of customer views, number of orders, commodity trading volume, total turnover, number of agent shopkeepers and other sales data information, so as to facilitate the judgment and research of commodity market and inventory, and timely change prices and update uploaded commodities

appendix: steel waste plastic particles 1 is in short supply, and the list of strategic cooperation companies of Laigang (in no order)

Beijing Hyde Tianan Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing shichanghao Trading Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Zhonglian Shengheng Trading Co., Ltd.

Langfang zhongyishi Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing zhengminglun Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing Ruichao Xinglong Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jixiang Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing minyize Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing hongruipengsheng Trading Co., Ltd.

.Beijing Marriott Steel Co., Ltd Ltd.

Beijing Chengtong International Trade Co., Ltd.

Beijing zerenhe Materials Co., Ltd.

Beijing Wuyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhongheng Juda science and Trade Co., Ltd. has reduced the purchase of domestic minerals

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