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Big steel drives big development Fangchenggang "depressions" attract investment

big steel drives big development structural features: Exhibition Fangchenggang "depressions" attract investment

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Guide: in the afternoon of April 11, an interview team from the key economic and industrial parks of Guangxi Autonomous Region came to Fangchenggang City to interview the two local key economic development zones of the autonomous region. Located in Qisha Peninsula, Fangchenggang Qisha industrial zone is one of the 11 key industrial parks supported by the autonomous region, and also

in the afternoon of April 11, an interview group from the key economic and industrial parks of Guangxi Autonomous Region came to Fangchenggang City to interview the two local key economic development zones of the autonomous region

Located in Qisha peninsula of Fangchenggang City, Qisha industrial zone of Fangchenggang City is one of the 11 key industrial parks supported by the autonomous region and also a class a Industrial Park of the autonomous region. The planned total area of the industrial zone is 92.68 square kilometers, consisting of two industrial parks, including Fangchenggang iron and Steel Industrial Park of 86.68 square kilometers and Guangxi Jinchuan Nonferrous metal raw material processing park of 6 square kilometers

since the launch of Qisha Industrial Zone, under the correct leadership and great attention of the Party committee and people's Government of the autonomous region and Fangchenggang Municipal Party committee and government, the infrastructure of the park has been continuously improved, and the total investment in infrastructure of the park has exceeded 12billion yuan. The total mileage of roads in the industrial zone has reached more than 130 kilometers. Nanfang railway and Shaqi branch line run through all industrial parks in the industrial zone. Six substations above 110kV and transmission networks extending in all directions have been built in the industrial zone; The water supply capacity can reach 600000 tons of industrial water and 50000 tons of domestic water. Roads, power supply, water supply and other infrastructure have reached the conditions for accepting large port enterprises to enter the park

at present, relying on its excellent deep-water coastline resources and superior geographical advantages, Fangcheng Port takes the development of heavy chemical industry near the port as the main direction, and takes the iron and steel and non-ferrous metal industry as the leader, mainly developing iron and steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, heavy machinery, energy, ship repair and building and other matching or related industries, Strive to build an electronic universal tension machine measuring system and become a highly influential multi-functional modern international industrial port area dominated by industrial ports in Southwest China and even Southeast Asia

As a window organization sent by Fangchenggang Municipal government, Qisha Industrial Zone Management Committee will focus on improving service quality, optimizing the investment environment, and strive to create a policy "depression" and service "highland", so as to enhance the attraction to investors. First, implement the service awareness and effectively improve the service level. Think what the enterprise wants, be urgent, and help the needs of the enterprise, and strive to coordinate and solve various difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction process for the enterprises in the park, so that the owners are really satisfied

in the southwest Port Industrial Park, it is learned that the industrial park is located in Gongche Town, Port District, Fangchenggang City, and is divided into three areas a, B and C, with a total planning area of 2127.3 hectares. It is mainly distributed in port and sea industry, steel supporting industry, mechanical processing, chemical industry, mining, metallurgical building materials and other industries. At present, there are 78 enterprises in the park, of which 26 have been put into operation, 17 are under construction and 35 are planned to start construction. In 2009, the industrial output value of the park was nearly 7billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 55.5%; Accounting for 80.84% of the total industrial output value of Enterprises above Designated Size in the port area; The sales output value reached 3.02 billion yuan, accounting for 80.89% of the sales output of Enterprises above Designated Size in the port area, with a year-on-year increase of 61.26%; The export is 550 million yuan, accounting for 93% of the industrial export of the port area. The export of phosphating products accounts for 56% of the total export of phosphating products in China. It is the largest phosphoric acid processing and export base in China

through flexible investment promotion methods such as "business investment", "park investment", "network investment", and with the help of various large-scale festival activities such as China ASEAN Expo as a platform, vigorously promote and publicize, attracting many large-scale projects such as China first heavy industry and MCC Shijiu to settle in the park, so that the southwest Port Industrial Park has achieved rapid development

in terms of infrastructure construction, over the past few years, the district has taken strengthening and improving the infrastructure of the park as an important work to reduce the investment cost of enterprises and improve the investment environment of enterprises, especially the indentation of the surface Rockwell hardness test. In the case of insufficient financial resources, the district has raised funds from the society through land operation and BT or semi BT; Loans from domestic and foreign financial institutions through installment payments; By strengthening communication and contact, we have sought funds from relevant departments of autonomous regions and municipalities and some enterprises to raise funds to increase the infrastructure construction of park roads, water supply and power supply, communications, sewage drainage, garbage treatment, etc., and newly built and continued to build 6 main and secondary roads with a total length of 7233 meters, including Longtan Road, north section of Wanxin Road, Shatian road in district a, Zhuyuan road in District B, east section of Gongche Avenue, and Yuanzhong road in District C; Six 110KV, one 35kV and three 10kV Transmission Lines with a total length of 22768 meters and 11 communication optical cables from four companies including China Mobile, China Unicom, telecom and radio and television with a total length of 24000 meters have been relocated. The problems of land construction for 12 enterprises and land arrangement for a number of projects have been solved; A batch of hydropower pipeline facilities with a length of 6000 meters were installed, which solved the problem that the hydropower supply and tension testing machine of 15 enterprises is one of the main products of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of Jinan experimental machine factory, so that the enterprise project construction can be smoothly promoted, which has been recognized by the majority of settled enterprises, and also created a good investment hard environment for the introduction of more project investment

in terms of service management in the park, we should conscientiously serve the projects under construction and take the Management Committee of the industrial park in the port area as the exchange platform between government and enterprises, so as to form a positive interaction between the government and enterprises, implement tracking services for enterprises, try our best to solve problems for enterprises, and create a loose development environment. With a serious attitude, high-quality services and practical actions, we have won the trust and praise of the majority of settled enterprises

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