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A glimpse of the steel drum packaging industry in East China (Part 2)

9. Diversification of product varieties

from the market in East China, there have been more changes in product varieties, especially steel plastic composite barrels, which are very popular in East China. It is estimated that it is related to the large export volume of local chemical products. In the future, if the export volume of chemical products in Western China is large, there will be such demand. Steel plastic barrels are available in all sizes from 200 liters to 15 liters. Its structure is inside the steel barrel and inside the plastic barrel, but this is a long process. During production, before the bottom cover of the barrel is not assembled, first press the plastic liner into the barrel body, then seal the bottom of the barrel first, and then seal the steel top. A hole is left on the top of the barrel at the mouth of the plastic barrel, just to expose the plastic barrel cover. Steel plastic barrels not only have the corrosion resistance of plastic barrels, but also have the high strength of steel barrels. They are the best packaging for chemical products

in addition, there are many products, such as necking barrels, international container special barrels, fully sealed and large uncovered barrels

10. Strict process inspection

the inspection in the production of Wuxi Sifang Barrel Factory is very strict. After the steel barrel is assembled, there is also the inspection process of "taking care of the barrel". After the steel barrel is painted and dried, leakage detection should be carried out. After leakage detection, dry fat soap water should be wiped, dry air should be blown, and then "taking care of the barrel". Finally, it can be put into storage after being packaged. Before the steel barrel leaves the factory, the appearance inspection and the quality inspection in the barrel shall still be carried out. The "lighting bucket" here is to use a special lamp to stretch in from the barrel injection port, and observe whether there is foreign matter in the bucket from the vent port. If there is foreign matter, suck it out with a high-power vacuum cleaner. There are not many management personnel in the plant, a total of about 30, each of whom has a computer to timely understand the supply and demand of materials, production and sales, but "change" brings opportunities and results at the same time, and timely scheduling

III. about corporate culture

the barrel industry in East China attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture. There are unified requirements in terms of clothing, factory sanitation, publicity, and even product manuals, business cards, etc., and the strong credibility gives people a shock. When entering Wuxi Sifang barrel Co., Ltd., every worker wore a safety helmet, and there was no one idle in the workshop. As soon as the work bell rang, it was put into production immediately. It was really a race against time, but the workers never worked overtime. The manager said that regular management cannot work overtime. The effect of overtime is not good, which will not only affect the mood of workers, but also affect the work of the next day. In the long run, it is not beneficial to the enterprise or individuals. The important thing is to seize the time to work and work efficiently. On the wall next to the factory door is printed the slogan "Sifang barrel making, packaging for excellent enterprises", and the slogan is also printed on the employee's business card. An employee said that their motto was "there is justice in the world, and there must be reward for what you pay. It's better to do what you say than to do, and do the best you want to do". The product samples provided by the enterprise to customers are very exquisite and detailed, which are divided into Chinese and English versions. The contents mainly include: company profile, feature introduction, steel barrel knowledge, commodity inspection knowledge, product introduction, quality assurance, complaint procedure, geographical location, contact method, etc. Such a product sample is a complete knowledge of steel barrels. As long as users need steel barrels, they can always find what they need from them. The materials provided to users include the following topics: introduction to the characteristics of the company; Performance table of Sifang company over the years; Administrative organization chart of the company; Main process flow and pre delivery inspection flow of 200 liter (210 liter) steel barrel; Standards and requirements for the quality of empty barrels in the main processes of the production process of 200 liter (210 liter) steel barrels; Specification and performance requirements of steel barrel; List of major customers; Certificates; Company samples, etc. Enable users to have a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise and products

other barrel making enterprises have their own different corporate culture. It is said that Ningbo van rier and Wuxi Sifang have the best corporate culture among barrel making enterprises in East China. Their business personnel must receive training from laige. In addition to having professional knowledge of steel barrels, they must understand English and be able to deal with users from all aspects. I saw a salesperson in Van Leir. His quality was really good and he spoke English very well

IV. industry trends at home and abroad

this investigation contacted some foreign industry stakeholders and got some understanding of some foreign trends. The steel barrel industry in foreign countries has developed rapidly, and 1000 barrels per hour of production line is rare. Foreigners believe that at present, China's barrel industry is small and scattered, and most of them are not competitive. Only through joint development, regional expansion, and the elimination of small and medium-sized enterprises can it develop. They seem to have a deep understanding of China's barrel industry. At present, enterprises that can be the leaders in various regions have emerged. They all have strong strength and will dominate in the near future. These enterprises crowd out small and medium-sized enterprises. Only after they develop can China's barrel industry truly catch up with the world level. Foreign businesses are ready to support these enterprises with the support of Dayin Hejun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, hoping that they will become bigger and stronger, because only in this way can foreign barrel making equipment expand its market in China. Otherwise, in the face of many domestic small and medium-sized barrel making enterprises, who can afford to buy imported equipment

the technology of Indian steel barrel closer is one of the most advanced technologies in the world, and its production volume ranks second in the world. The new product launched at present is GRT screw ring, which is a patented product. The screw ring has an annular groove pressed at the sealing ring, and the sealing effect is very good after pressing. Another pressing technology - "s" pressing method ensures that the screw ring at the barrel mouth will not leak when the steel barrel is hit. The top of the barrel is necked inward at the eight sides of the screw ring, and the screw ring is firmly wrapped inside

at present, foreign bucket making equipment manufacturers and bucket mouth parts manufacturers all hope to find a cooperative enterprise in China to introduce foreign technology and produce in China, so as to reduce product prices and occupy the Chinese market. This time, foreigners made a preliminary visit to the mainland of China

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