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Cartons are up 30% a year, forcing big brand users to choose environmentally friendly packaging

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core tip: the express delivery volume of "100million" pieces a day not only makes the sorting and distribution pressure increase sharply, but also makes the environmental pollution caused by parcel circulation more and more serious. In this regard, tmall and L'Oreal plan to gradually cover all brands of L'Oreal China by optimizing the design and materials of express boxes and internal fillers

[China Packaging News] the express delivery volume of "100million pieces a day" has not only increased the pressure of sorting and distribution, but also caused more and more serious environmental pollution. In this regard, tmall and L'Oreal plan to gradually cover all brands of L'Oreal China by optimizing the design and materials of express boxes and internal fillers. It is reported that over 3million green packages have been used by L'Oreal China's brands such as Giorgio Armani, Saint Laurent, Keyan's and Yuexi in the year of implementation of the plan of both parties

in the process of promoting the green logistics plan, e-commerce, logistics enterprises and brands have formed a linkage effect. For example, goods packaging made of degradable green recycled boards, glued boards and other materials, environmental friendly zipper cartons, clean flow boxes, shared express boxes and so on have been put into the end packaging by e-commerce and logistics enterprises. In addition, in terms of linkage with brands, since the end of 2017, Suning has successively invested recyclable shared express boxes to replace common cartons, and has also established a green industry alliance with more than 1000 brands and tends to be a younger alliance

Dingwei, an analyst in the express industry, said that in the promotion of express packaging boxes made of degradable materials, from e-commerce enterprises and e-commerce logistics cooperating with traditional express enterprises in the downstream to the former cooperating with brands in the upstream of the industrial chain, the above changes show that e-commerce enterprises have realized that only by connecting the upstream and downstream can logistics be green

behind a large number of users switching to environmentally friendly packaging: cartons have risen by 20%-30% a year.

whether it is the environmental pollution caused by express packaging or the rising cost of express cartons, e-commerce enterprises have been urged to accelerate the construction of green logistics. It is reported that, boosted by the recent price rise of raw waste paper, the carton base paper market has ushered in a new round of price rise since late June, which is the third time that the base paper price has risen since last July. Tianjianpo, general manager of Lushi County lufuadian Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., told the Beijing Business Daily that the price of cartons of the same specification has risen by 20%-30% in one year

another merchant selling washing and care products on several e-commerce platforms said that the pressure caused by the rising cost of express boxes is only part of the pressure. The tape used to seal the boxes and the paper and inflatable bags filled to prevent the goods from being damaged due to collision during transportation are not small expenses, and the pollution degree of both is much higher than that of cartons

considering the dual benefits of society and economy, e-commerce enterprises are heating up and fermenting around the words of "clean flow plan", "drift bottle", "green logistics" and so on. There is no need to use plastic for tmall's landing zipper carton. Tmall's "improved matching box" is being tested in Xiaoshan warehouse in Hangzhou. After the product is put into use, it can reduce the consumption of pulp by up to 30%. It is understood that JD's new two-layer logistics labels, biodegradable express bags and other new materials, using two-layer logistics labels, can reduce the use of 700 tons of paper every year, use biodegradable packaging bags on a large scale, and eliminate nearly 10 billion traditional plastic bags every year

the general trend in the future is that environmental protection packaging replaces traditional packaging boxes

on the way of commercial giants promoting the reform of express packaging, reducing the consumption of non degradable materials has become the common goal of the industry. Rookies said that they have cooperated with deppon, Tiantian, Baishi and other express companies to put in nearly 500000 environmental protection express bags, covering the main areas of Hangzhou and Xiamen. Therefore, the expensive teaching aids do not reflect their due value domain. In December last year, Suning version 2.0 shared express box saved 330million rolls of "zero glue cartons" of adhesive tape, while the consumption of non degradable materials in automated bubble packaging box decreased by 42% compared with traditional packaging box

in Ding Wei's view, the brand is the main producer of express cartons and express bags, and the downstream express enterprises mainly produce adhesive tapes, fillers and other auxiliary materials. Therefore, e-commerce enterprises should promote biodegradable, green and environment-friendly packaging boxes to brands, and their cooperation with express enterprises mainly focuses on reducing the use of express accessories

in fact, the input and use of degradable materials will increase the costs of logistics enterprises in the short term, and consumers may have to pay for the rising costs. Who should ultimately pay for the cost of environmental protection packaging is a question that e-commerce needs to consider when promoting the reform of express packaging. Ding Wei stressed that the express enterprises will bear high cost pressure in the short term if they use environmentally friendly packing cases, but the cost input of the enterprises will be reduced correspondingly when the brands are involved

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