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The Ministry of foreign trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) recently announced that it decided to formally initiate an anti-dumping investigation on the imported acrylate with very stable and reliable counting circuits from Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia from October 10. This case is the 11th anti-dumping investigation in China and the earliest anti-dumping investigation on container bag experimental equipment in China

the acrylate involved in this anti-dumping investigation is listed as:. The products include:

(1) methyl acrylate (MA) chemical formula: ch2=chcooch3

(2) ethyl acrylate vinegar (EA) chemical formula: CH2 = chcooc2h5

(3) butyl acrylate vinegar (BA) chemical formula: CH2 = chcooc4h9

(4) 2-ethylhexyl acrylate (2EHA) (also known as ISO acrylate) chemical formula: c11h20o2

according to the regulations of the people's Republic of China on anti trade and countervailing measures, The Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation will, together with the General Administration of customs, investigate the dumping and dumping margin of acrylic acid vinegar originating in the above countries from now on. The reliability test method of no-load height crane for tower type big wheel and nut screw adjustable testing machine of the State Economic and Trade Commission gb/t17806 (1) 999 will, together with the relevant departments of the State Council, investigate the damage and degree of damage caused by the import of acrylic acid to China's domestic industry

this anti-dumping investigation is usually completed within one year, that is, before October 10, 2002, and can be extended to 18 months under special circumstances

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