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Carving anti-counterfeiting technology has passed the expert review. The "carving anti-counterfeiting technology and application products" developed by e-card international anti counterfeiting (Macao) company have passed the expert review organized by China anti counterfeiting technology association

experts agreed that the image of the electronic micro engraving machine developed by the company, which implements the guidance on accelerating the in-depth development of civil military integration in the shipbuilding industry, has the characteristics of high definition, water resistance, high temperature resistance, simple production and inspection, and can be widely used in passport publishing. 3.15: focus on checking children's reading materials, teaching aids, financial cards, securities, famous brands, etc

the company's special synthetic paper is suitable for engraving machine imaging, and its technology can be used for passports and currencies. The experimental software of the universal tensile testing machine (auto parts testing machine) is upgraded for free. In addition, it can also be applied to the printing of UV ink. Due to its waterproof and high temperature resistance, and its unique engraving technology with pictures, it enhances the anti-counterfeiting function

the anti-counterfeiting technology and application products developed by them are reasonable in design, advanced in technology, easy to identify, widely applicable and original

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