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Carton preprint and conprinta preprint system

current situation of carton preprint market

recently, a world-famous IT manufacturer has re integrated its carton suppliers all over the world, integrating all the previous methods of making cartons into preprint methods, so as to ensure the stable printing quality of the brand's carton packaging and greatly reduce the cost. According to statistics, flexible pre printing is often used in carton production in Europe, which can save more than 30% of the cost compared with the method of laminating after offset printing commonly used in China

at present, the trend that flexible prepreg can be molded or cut and polished by products is being recognized by some world-famous large companies, such as Panasonic, Sony, P & G, Mars food, Pepsi Cola, kaichi cleaning equipment, Gardiner gardening equipment, etc., which have gradually adopted cartons produced in this way. Among them, the famous German preprint equipment manufacturer conprinta company provides this solution

in today's fierce market competition, it is increasingly difficult for packaging manufacturers to make profits by producing corrugated boxes in the traditional way. At present, the packaging market requires corrugated board printing to be larger and larger; Some manufacturers of home appliances and electric tools have increasingly raised their requirements for beautifully printed color cartons. In addition, the corrugated display rack is becoming more and more popular because it can save a lot of costs in local amplification logistics, and its printing size is very large. At present, offset printing machines with a width of 1.6m are becoming more and more popular in China, and there are offset printing machines with a width of 1.8m in the market. Offset printing machines with a width of more than 2m have appeared in the world, but these can not meet all the needs of large format printing

the traditional offset printing and pasting method for making color cartons is not competitive in terms of cost and corrugated quality. Because the offset printing and mounting method has many processes and low efficiency, the scrap rate will rise, and will have an impact on the strength of corrugated board. The pressure applied during the pasting process in view of this situation, it is necessary to appropriately increase the thickness of the face paper and the strength of the corrugated when making the corrugated board to ensure the quality of the pasting, but this practice will greatly increase the production cost. In addition, due to the pressure in the process of mounting, it is also easy to produce the phenomenon of exposure. In order to avoid exposure, 280g/m2 facial paper is generally used in China, while European customers only need 115g/m2 facial paper by using conprinta pre printing technology, and the quality of corrugated is better. The quantity of tissue material is greatly reduced, and the cost is naturally reduced

although there are some rotary flexo printing and gravure printing in the preprint market at present, and the process used in manufacturing equipment is poor, the printing width of the preprint equipment reaches 2.5m, but the diameter of the drum still limits the increase of the format. Moreover, the larger the roller, the higher the plate making cost, the more difficult it is to replace the product order, and the less competitive the cost is

conprinta preprint system

conprinta preprint system adopts an unprecedented revolutionary printing technology, namely, crawler printing technology. This printing method breaks through the restriction of the existing circular pressing printing method on the printing size. Crawler printing is an evolution of flexographic printing technology. It is a new printing method based on flexographic printing, which makes full use of the soft and flexible characteristics of flexographic printing and brings the advantages of flexographic printing into full play. Conprinta pre printing saves costs compared with the method of mounting after offset printing (as shown in Figure 1)

crawler printing technology is a patented technology of German conprinta company, which adds a printing cylinder to the traditional roll to roll flexographic printing machine. As shown in Figure 2, the printing machine has two plate cylinders, which have the same embossing roller and embossing cylinder as the ordinary flexographic printing machine; A special track is used to connect the two plate cylinders and attach the plates to them. A plate cylinder (plate cylinder 1) is in contact with the embossing cylinder and the embossing cylinder, just like an ordinary flexographic press; The other cylinder (plate cylinder 2) adopts the unique and innovative structural design of conprinta company, and its position can be moved back and forth. The distance between the two plate cylinders is changed by the movement of its position, so as to realize the change of the plate size. Another function of this roller is to precisely control the tension, so as to ensure the accuracy of large-scale printing

with the crawler printing technology, the printing size can be very large, the width of the web can reach 2.5m, and the length of repeated printing can reach 6m. And because of the use of servo drive technology, the printing size has achieved stepless change, and also ensures accurate tension control. The substrate quantity of the conprinta preprint system is 60 ~ 400g/m2

conprinta preprint system uses a kind of high-precision, non deformable composite plastic material. The flexible version is attached to the track and runs with the track. Because the crawler material has stability and no deformation, it can ensure high-quality finished products

conprinta preprint system adopts unit type structural design, and units can be added as required. On a large print with a width of 2.5m and a length of 6m, the overprint accuracy can be as high as ± 0.15mm, and the number of printing lines can reach 150 lines/inch. Such a large printing format can be used for pre printing of various corrugated boxes and printing of large format posters

in terms of plate making, conprinta's flexo plate also shows its advantages. At present, in the domestic market, the printing plate costs of gravure printing and flexographic printing are basically the same. Generally, there are many blank parts in the pre printing of cartons. Due to the soft and easy cutting characteristics of flexographic printing plates, when making plates, conprinta preprint system can only make plates for the parts with images, and then use conprinta's high-precision plate loading device to accurately paste the plates on the track, which greatly saves the cost of plates. However, gravure plate making does not have this characteristic, and the cost is relatively high

conprinta crawler printer can print at a speed of 300m/min, and the plate changing speed and the preparation time before printing are also very fast. In addition, it can change the plate without stopping the machine. Figure 3 shows the version change without stopping. According to the statistics of conprinta users, more than 20 live parts can be replaced every day

at present, more and more domestic enterprises begin to use preprint technology, such as Mengniu, Budweiser, Tsingtao beer, Wahaha, Yili, Sanlu and other enterprises. The domestic pre printing technology can not meet the demand. They first import the pre printed paper roll from abroad and make corrugated board in China. However, this mode of operation is still far from enough for some famous enterprises, so they have discussed with conprinta about the feasibility of installing conprinta preprint system in China. North China delter printing and packaging Co., Ltd. has taken the lead. The company has purchased the first conprinta prepress in Asia and is about to put into production

conprinta crawler printer is another application in the printing of large advertisements. On the premise of a certain amount of printing, the use of conprinta crawler printer has great advantages in cost. In addition, the printing accuracy of crawler printer is higher than that of general large format inkjet printer. Under the condition that the cost and quality are guaranteed, advertisers can often replace the advertising content Jinan Shijin automobile interior material testing machine, and the cost is very small

with the rapid promotion of conprinta preprint technology in the Chinese market, we can predict that in the near future, the traditional carton packaging used in the Chinese consumer goods market will begin a revolutionary transformation from traditional packaging to simple, high-quality, low-cost, fast changing and strategic advertising packaging

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