Do the Unionists forget they have gamed the system

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Do the Unionists forget they have 'gamed the system' in recent years? - Today News Post Today News || UK News

CALLUM Towns (Letters, April 10) brings up a very crucial point, and I am at one with him on itThe two-dose shot received emergency clearance for vaccinating people ages 16 and up.. Because the Scottish elections are based on both first-past-the-post and proportional voting, they are now de facto plebiscitesThe right vaccine for you to take i, whether the SNP likes it or not, whether Unionists like it or not, and it is in Scottish elections, for Holyrood, that independence will eventually be won or lostA week later.

If several pro-independence parties are standing, and if independence is in all their manifestos – or in the case of the SNP, in their very existence as a party – and they demur on that, they will have to explain why they continue to masquerade as the party of independence.

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