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Sanrong company launched gprs/cdma data terminal based on domestic national brand wireless module

Saro series terminal products of Xiamen Sanrong Technology Co., Ltd. have been widely recognized by new and old customers at home and abroad after large-scale application in recent years. With first-class quality and perfect service, Saro has undoubtedly become the most famous brand in its domestic counterparts. At present, the industry is committed to constantly exploring the development of new technology products that adapt to the reality. With the sharp rise in the demand of the objective market for industrial data terminal products based on 2g/2.5g network platform, more and more customers not only have a more rational demand for product quality and performance, but also have higher requirements for product price. In order to meet the objective needs of new and old customers, sangrong company developed a series of modem and DTU products based on Huawei GPRS module gtm900 and ZTE CDMA module mg815+ after long-term tracking and testing of Huawei GPRS and ZTE CDMA modules in China. The model of gprs modem is 3100-z, the model of GPRS DTU is 3150p-z and, while the production with new materials will only be 832kg 3150ep-z, the model of CDMA modem is 6200-z, and the model of CDMA DTU is 6550p-z and 6550ep-z

this series of products are still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development. In terms of software and hardware, they are fully compatible with the corresponding similar products of sunrong company based on Siemens and anydata modules, and their cost performance is very high. Customers with needs can log in to the company's website to install the experimental machine om/product/, or call the company's technology department:

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