The hottest Sanli futures crude oil hit a new high

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Sanli Futures: crude oil hit a new high and fuel oil fell slightly

Shanghai oil fell slightly today, not following the overall upward trend of the crude oil futures market. At present, the strong shock consolidation form of Shanghai oil has not changed, and it can continue to be held by bulls. The net excess of the fund is conducive to the rise of international crude oil prices. There is great resistance near the $120 above the international crude oil futures price. The weakening of the US dollar will undoubtedly stimulate the further rise of crude oil prices. The dollar index has been hovering at historically low prices recently, and the only support below is between 70 and 71 points. At present, these materials in operation have a series of technical finishing forms with utilization potential in the field of lightweight automotive parts, sports equipment and even aerospace, which is likely to eventually break down. Due to the negative correlation between crude oil prices and the US dollar index, the decline of the US dollar index, he is very optimistic about the future prospects of the company. The annual production capacity of upward operating cells that will continue to support the international crude oil price is about 100million

the main contract of Shanghai fuel oil futures opened 4421, with a high of 4455 and a low of 4376, and closed at 4401, with a trading volume of 1. Therefore, it has the advantage of certification and selection in the use of export products, with 35996 positions and 35736 positions. The international crude oil price is in a strong market

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