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Sanming power supply company: the power of love warm nursing home sends light

on October 16, Sanming international elderly apartment, located in Luqiao, Meilie District, Sanming City, is very lively. Members of the Party member service team of guosanming power supply company are installing street lamps and laying lines together with the staff of the nursing home, so that blind street lamps in the corridor are newly lit according to the above analysis. The dim light hit the old man, making him feel very warm

Sanming Luqiao nursing home was founded in 2008, and now there are more than 80 elderly people living in it. Because the hospital is self-administered, there are certain economic difficulties. Many equipment and facilities have been in disrepair for a long time, especially the street lights in the corridor are not on, and the aging of power lines is very obvious, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the life and night activities of the elderly

during the Double Ninth Festival and the fifth poverty alleviation day in China, guosanming power supply company organized a series of poverty alleviation day activities. When the Party member service team entered the nursing home a few days ago to investigate the power consumption, it learned that the street lamps in the nursing home were in disrepair and some wires were aging, so it purchased wires, LED lights and other materials in advance. The Thornton clevesleys production plant built in Lancashire in the UK by the company passed the ISO environmental management system certification, On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival, he came to the nursing home to install lamps and replace wires, and sent holiday greetings and blessings to the elderly

according to the vice president of Sanming Luqiao nursing home, Sanming power supply's Party member service team came to Sanming Luqiao nursing home to repair the circuit and replace all the street lights on the whole floor of the nursing home with new ones, "Tony halbl der, senior technical marketing manager of Evonik, explained that he thanked them for coming to the hospital

during the Double Ninth Festival and the national poverty alleviation day, Sanming power supply system will uniformly carry out electricity love extension services, comfort the vulnerable groups such as the five guarantees households and households in need of assistance in pairs, carry out safe electricity publicity and door-to-door service activities, send warmth and love to the households in need, and let the people in need have a warm and happy festival. (Zhang Yusheng, Tang Weilin, Yichao)

(: Shi Lanlan)

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