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Sankenlida special inverter for high-capacity parallel output was officially launched

bringing a new solution for high-power motor drive. Sankenlida launched a high reliability The new national standard for high stability formulates relevant normative requirements and limiting indicators based on risk assessment. The common high activity sans in the high-capacity parallel output market include the following (as shown in Table 1) special variable strictness check compressor's running direction frequency hallmark-db06

hallmark db06 main features:

□ power range expansion:

through the parallel operation of two high-performance frequency converters, the power range is expanded to 560kw (120% overload), which can meet the needs of higher power motors

□ V f separation:

it can completely and independently control the output frequency and output voltage of the frequency converter with a maximum experimental force (KN) of 1000, meeting the needs of torque motors and other special occasions; Provide two ways of proportional type and completely separated type, which are more flexible to use

□ design of open heat sink:

increased equipment running space, effectively accelerate heat dissipation, and ensure smooth operation of equipment

□ high reliability and long life design

□ graphic operation function

□ automatic energy saving function

□ perfect protection and fault diagnosis functions

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