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The sanitary ware industry has encountered three "dilemmas"

after more than 20 years of development, the sanitary ware industry has achieved great development. However, with the slowdown of economic growth, the sanitary ware industry has to stop its rapid progress and accept the baptism of the storm. In the highly competitive market environment and even in the near future, for Formula 1 racing, except for a few enterprises with strong financial strength, most sanitary enterprises should either adjust or clean them, struggle in plagiarism, or sigh in the shortage of funds and talents, which has become a hard injury to the development of the whole industry

"plagiarism": enterprises eventually become trapped animals

the homogenization of sanitary products in China is serious. The "high cost" product R & D investment of brand sanitary ware enterprises is difficult to obtain "high revenue" from sales. Once launched, many new bathroom products are often directly copied by many small and medium-sized bathroom enterprises. Moreover, this is not only reflected in the imitation of products, but also in the management, business model and even brand publicity, many small and medium-sized sanitary enterprises often adopt "taking doctrine". Following the trend has become the life-saving rule for these enterprises to survive. As everyone knows, in the long run, they will not be able to break through the market and face the consequences of elimination

"shortage of funds": it is difficult to face market competition

the sanitary ware market is highly competitive and unpredictable, which is difficult for many sanitary ware enterprises to face. Because in the entire sanitary industry, small and medium-sized sanitary enterprises account for more than half of them, and they lack strong financial strength to support them. Moreover, in recent years, due to enterprise migration, equipment renewal and capacity expansion, the lack of funds is even more serious. The difficulty of loans and financing has become a difficult threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises. Just think, if an enterprise doesn't even have the funds to develop sales channels, how can it achieve higher sales performance. At the same time, once the fixture Market in the sanitary ware market is in trouble about what materials to choose, it is easy to encounter a sales crisis, let alone the channel sinking to the secondary and tertiary markets

"recruitment shortage": hindering the long-term development of the industry

due to working environment and other factors, it is more and more difficult for sanitary ware production enterprises to recruit workers, and many enterprises are not full during peak production hours. In particular, there is a large gap and demand for front-line production workers, internal service and grass-roots business personnel. Although most enterprises have improved the wages of production workers this year, as well as the insurance, welfare, accommodation, etc., the recruitment situation of many sanitary ware enterprises is still not ideal. The "recruitment shortage" has restricted the long-term development of the sanitary ware industry through the development and quality improvement of functional fiber materials, the industrialization of bio based chemical fibers, the industrialization of high-performance fibers, and the serialization of products

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