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Sanmenwan electric appliance brand is about to bloom international industrial automation

4. If you find that the operating mechanism is not working, continue the good performance of the 2006 industrial automation exhibition, there are many foreign enterprises participating in the just concluded industrial automation exhibition, and the exhibition is the largest in history, both in terms of exhibition scale and number of exhibitors. This also brings us an exciting message that these foreign enterprises have participated in the exhibition. The finished products of the dealers of Sanmenwan appliances, regardless of their appearance and quality, meet international standards. They will also purchase a large number of Sanmenwan brand terminals, which also shows that Sanmenwan appliances has been recognized for its product quality assurance, market advantages, strict management, and domestic market brands. I believe that the entry of Sanmenwan electric into international industrial automation will not only improve the brand of Sanmenwan, but also guarantee the brand of China

Nanjing Sanmenwan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has accumulated decades of production supporting experience. After restructuring, it was established in Nanjing in 2005, specializing in the production and sales of medium and high-end terminal blocks. It has always been committed to the past decade. The products include Japanese combined terminal blocks, European frame pressed combined terminal blocks, spring terminals and PCB terminals of circuit board Circuit board connectors and other types Production of heavy current socket CNC machine tools, electronic handwheels, etc., have dozens of series, thousands of specifications. Some products of the company have passed the EC CE safety certification and are widely used in many fields, such as power, electronics, telecommunications, rail transit, factory automation and so on

20 in the experiment of the universal tensile testing machine, the circuit needs to be checked before application. For 10 years, Nanjing Sanmenwan electric appliance made a timely and pragmatic decision to build a good brand for good products, let the brand improve the quality of products, and let the brand speak for products. Over the years, the brand of Sanmenwan electric appliance (njsmw) has been recognized by consumers. The popularity and reputation of Sanmenwan brand have been greatly improved, making the company's customers more and more. Its sales points are all over the country, and its products are exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Sanmenwan electric appliance company has achieved unprecedented development, and the scale and grade of the enterprise have been continuously improved. Today, Nanjing Sanmenwan electric appliance company has become a high-speed development enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing and technical support. Some products of the company have passed the CE safety certification and rose certification of environmental protection of the European community. In 2008, it was rated as an AAA brand enterprise of Jiangsu quality integrity by China quality integrity enterprise association. With rich production experience and large-scale production capacity, the enterprise can produce products with complete varieties and excellent performance for the majority of users, and provide first-class professional services, which makes the products popular among customers of electric power, electrical, switchgear, mechanical control companies and automation integration companies, and also creates a generation of dark horse chenzeqiao in the terminal industry. Thanks to the long-term enthusiastic patronage and friendly cooperation of new and old customers at home and abroad, the company has introduced a number of advanced special production equipment and technicians in recent years. Its products sell well all over the country and are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and its sales have increased year after year

at present, the company has passed the test report issued by the "power industry power system automation equipment quality test center" and the European Community CE certification. It produces more than a dozen series of products with more than 500 specifications, which fully comply with IEC standards

the company strives to improve in product development, marketing, quality management and customer service, increase the strength and competitiveness of the enterprise, and constantly improve our products and services. It has offices in various parts of the country, and its products are exported to the international market. Focus on customers, and strive to meet the most requirements of customers with excellent quality, leading technology, complete varieties, reasonable price and the best service

as a result of the joint action of the domestic and foreign wiring terminal markets, China's wiring terminal industry is booming and gradually attracting the investment of the world's wiring terminal manufacturers. At present, in the terminal industry, sanjsmw is the leader in the wiring terminal industry, and is fighting the market with fence wiring terminals, track wiring terminals, spring wiring terminals, etc

the task of maintaining the sustainable development of the wiring terminal industry is still very arduous. In order to break through the traditional framework of the enterprise and run a real terminal enterprise, we must pay attention to efficiency, cost and management, act according to the development law of the terminal industry, break through the shackles of the traditional framework of the terminal, and carry out drastic reform of the enterprise system and mechanism, management and control mode, organizational structure, etc. In accordance with the requirements of accurate positioning, clear functions, strong management and control, lean and efficient, break through the traditional marketing mode of the terminal industry The structural adjustment of the terminal industry with great changes in its structural design, materials, processes and key supporting components is the primary condition for major terminal enterprises to remain in the international terminal market for a long time. How to successfully adjust the structure of terminal enterprises has become an international topic discussed by major terminal manufacturers in China. With the global economy on the right track again, A good external demand environment will promote the development of the domestic electronic component industry

with the concept of unlimited and unimpeded connection, the company continues to explore and move forward, and makes contributions to the world's connection technology with a rigorous scientific attitude and its own efforts

in the new century, Nanjing Sanmenwan brand will continue to establish a good reputation and work together with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad

I believe that in the near future, the terminal industry will write another legend in the process of taking off, and Sanmenwan will also add a lot here

in China, one of the largest and fastest-growing industrial automation markets in the world! Industrial enterprises must apply automation technology to ensure the quality of products, reduce costs and maintain the advantage of quantity. Therefore, Sanmenwan electric appliance will soon join hands with the Chinese terminal brand, trying to make the Chinese terminal enterprise Sanmenwan electric appliance with high-quality terminals leave a deep impression on foreign enterprises in the international status

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