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Sanjing pharmaceutical has invested heavily in the field of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Recently, Sanjing pharmaceutical has sought the multiple of the difference in compliance. Sanjing pharmaceutical has issued a "suggestive" announcement. Its holding subsidiary Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (referred to as Sanjing Co., Ltd.) plans to invest a total of 400million yuan in the construction of a pharmaceutical glass production base over three years. The announcement said that after the early research of the investment project and the feasibility analysis of the need strategy opportunity period that is still in progress, Sanjing Co., Ltd. recently signed a framework agreement with the people's Government of Honggang District of Daqing city to build a local pharmaceutical glass production base

according to the feasibility analysis of Sanjing Co., Ltd. on the construction of pharmaceutical glass production base, the 1 After the completion of the pull-out experimental project, the production capacity can meet the requirements of the three fine chemicals "Thin film material is a disruptive demand for global scientific and technological progress. At the same time, it has a radiating effect on the market of pharmaceutical packaging materials for surrounding pharmaceutical manufacturers. By taking advantage of Daqing's energy and policy advantages, it can further reduce production costs and improve economic benefits.

this move shows that Sanjing pharmaceutical plans to extend the industrial chain to the upstream of pharmaceutical production and enter the pharmaceutical packaging material market on a large scale.

(source: Packaging News)

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