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Sankeshu paint was rated as "advanced unit of standardization in the paint industry"

sankeshu paint was rated as "advanced unit of standardization in the paint industry"

October 10, 2008

[China paint information] the "2008 annual Conference on paint standardization" organized by the National Technical Committee for paint and pigment standardization was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, More than 200 people from the Changzhou coating Research Institute of Coating Association and the major coating companies that use magnesium components will show the effect of energy saving

as the director unit of the National Technical Committee for simultaneous standardization of coatings and pigments, sankeshu Coatings Co., Ltd. appointed luoqitao, an engineer from the technology department, to attend the meeting

the meeting heard the work report of the paint and pigment Standardization Committee in 2008, briefed on the issuance of production licenses for hazardous chemical coatings and the national supervision and spot check information of coating product quality in the first quarter of 2008, focused on the articles of association and work plan of the paint based branch, and focused on the review of 12 national and industrial standards such as GB18581 "limits of harmful substances in interior decoration materials and solvent based wood coatings"

at the end of the meeting, the 2008 advanced standardization units were commended. Sankeshu coating Co., Ltd. has participated in the drafting of a number of national standards and the formulation of industrial standards such as "waterborne fluorocarbon coatings". It has made outstanding achievements and contributions in the industry standardization work, and has been rated as the "advanced unit in the standardization of the coating industry in 2008"

sankeshu paint is the leading brand of health paint in China. It takes the lead in the industry in the standard of health and environmental protection paint and is highly respected by the industry. Shenzhou VII, which has just landed successfully, returned safely on September 28, and the space carrying test of sankeshu health paint was a complete success. According to China paint, after Shenzhou VI, Shijian VIII and many other space borne tests, which are not recommended to be used in the external wall insulation system, the paint produced by sankeshu paint has reached the international advanced level in environmental protection performance, construction performance, physical performance and other aspects, far exceeding the industry standards

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