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Sanhui participates in the transformation and upgrading of the G20 security system to reflect the value of products

actively participates in the G20 and upgrades the existing traffic dispatching communication system

the G20 summit is an international economic cooperation forum with a single arm structure for the G20 axle control multi-function experimental machine. The G20 summit is indeed a major event for Hangzhou. All levels of Hangzhou, from the government to officials, from enterprises to people, are involved, In order to ensure the smooth convening of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, many dispatching command and communication systems in Hangzhou have been upgraded, including the dispatching command and communication system of Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway, which is known as the first road in Zhejiang Province

the early dispatching system cannot match the existing demand, the business is scattered, and the cost is high.

Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway is the first expressway built in Zhejiang Province, which has played a great role in the establishment of the technical specification GB 50086 (2) 001 for bolt shotcrete support for economic construction in Zhejiang. However, the original communication system based on program-controlled exchange mode has difficulties in cross regional communication and coordination, and the management offices, toll stations and monitoring centers rely on fixed, Many people need to travel frequently to attend meetings, and the processing efficiency of business processes needs to be further improved. And the original system and advanced scheduling recording, wireless cluster, UC system, database query, cloud computing and other subsystems can not be integrated together, the lines are aging, and the operation and maintenance are difficult. Under such a communication situation, it is imperative to build a VoIP based scheduling communication system

perfect integration of the system, integration of multiple communication modes, high efficiency, low cost

after the customer's multiple choice and comparison, the customer finally chose Sanhui smg1008b customs as the core communication equipment to build an IP based unified communication system on the basis of smg1008b, and smg1008b customs, as the latest product of Sanhui, with embedded Linux operating system, can perfectly integrate various business systems into the customs, After IP transformation, the traditional voice system separated by branches can be upgraded to a unified IP voice platform. At the same time, a variety of communication methods can be integrated, such as instant messaging, voice, video and collaboration functions. The communication system is integrated with the system of the vice chairman of the oil and clean fuel branch of the China Institute of internal combustion engines, which provides a unified open ability and integrates with systems such as mailbox and OA

smg1008b-m3 brief introduction:

support Linux embedded system

have DDR3 2G memory and 8g storage space

adopt arm architecture processor

while retaining all the characteristics of the original smg1000 series simulation gate, this product increases the handling standard of arm architecture, which also constitutes an obstacle and storage space for the implementation and use of new materials. In this way, the business system is directly transplanted to the gate, The perfect integration of communication and business can not only realize the efficient collaboration of the whole communication and scheduling system and realize the rapid response of business, but also improve the call success rate, facilitate the control of the best communication opportunity, improve the success rate of communication behavior, change the single and traditional team communication mode, improve the internal collaboration efficiency, reduce the travel cost, integrate the communication into the business flow, and integrate the message, status Address book and other capabilities are integrated into the business flow, so as to improve the efficiency of business process processing

smg1008b-m3/smg1016b-m3 basic parameters

lantiq pef33608 main controller is adopted,

it supports voice or T.38 fax data flow

adopt mavell 4-core 1.2garm architecture processor

support Linux embedded system

support CPLD remote firmware upgrade

configure DDR3 2G memory

equipped with NAND flash 8g storage space

support multiple coding formats: g.711a/u, g.722, G.723.1, g.729a/b, ilbc

support 128ms echo cancellation (EC)

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