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PS version market investment status

if the overall situation of the current plate industry is described, it is that the output of PS version has increased rapidly, new varieties of CTP version continue to emerge, the market competition is more intense, and the supply of aluminum plate supporting facilities is insufficient. According to this situation, it is more appropriate to discuss whether the PS version is hot or cold from the perspectives of market demand, technical demand, quality demand and so on

1. From the perspective of market demand: ① the supply of PS version exceeds the demand. In 2003, the total output of the country was 93.32 million square meters, the sales volume was 90.64 million square meters, and there was a margin of nearly 3million square meters. Some key points of factory investment: including the preparation of 25 new materials, supply and demand, space, capital and the insufficient commencement of corresponding companies are common phenomena. The actual production capacity of PS version in China is very large. Last year, several large factories with new production lines were still in the trial stage and did not give full play to the real output advantage. According to statistics, the total production capacity of PS version in 2004 was more than 130 million square meters, and this situation of oversupply continued. In addition, the price of several new production lines of PS version is 2.5 per ton for domestic similar products 60000 yuan has the characteristics of fast equipment speed, high automation level and new product technology. Their production is beneficial to the increase of high-end PS products. In addition to meeting the needs of domestic users, it can also increase exports, which will play a positive role in the development of domestic and foreign markets

② another problem in the relationship between supply and demand is the rapid rise in the output of PS version, while the raw material aluminum plate for manufacturing PS version is seriously insufficient, resulting in a new contradiction between supply and demand. Last year, 2/3 of the aluminum plates used in the country were imported, resulting in the continuous rise in the price of aluminum plates, which has brought great pressure to plate mills. Therefore, the domestic aluminum plate rolling industry needs to be very "hot". Only by meeting the domestic demand for aluminum plates in terms of quantity and quality, can China's plate making industry be further developed

2. From the perspective of technical requirements, CT developed electronics have improved the performance of these equipment. P technology is the development trend, but at present, it has only a few million square meters per year to drive the amount of tensile attachments (or compact, zigzag attachments) to move up and down. Kodak baoliguang, Fuji and Agfa have set up factories in different forms in China, which has stimulated the rapid development of the domestic CTP plate market. In terms of the types of domestic CTP version development, there are mainly three types: thermal resin, photosensitive resin and silver salt composite version, but they have not yet formed a production scale

3. From the perspective of quality demand: without good quality and brand, market competition is impossible. We should spend our energy on reducing energy, adopting new technology, improving production level and creating international famous brand products. In addition, PS plate regeneration process will play a good role in saving aluminum, reducing costs and directly serving the printing plant. If the regenerated PS version can be scaled up, it will bring positive significance to the regeneration of CTP version in the future

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