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The latest quotation and configuration performance function evaluation of Philips 23.8-inch 245b1 monitor

this Philips 23.8-inch 245b1 monitor has been officially launched and has been pre sold in Let's take a look at the latest functional features, prices and configuration parameters for your choice and reference

I. features of Philips 23.8-inch display 245b1:

1, 245b1 resolution is 2560x1440, full HD screen

2, refresh rate is 75Hz, 99% ntsc1.67 billion color consumption upgrading trend

3, design of three sided micro frame

4 Using powersensor and dynamic light sensing technology, it can intelligently sense the working state of the user. If you leave the seat, it can automatically put higher and higher requirements on it, reduce the brightness of the screen or stop the screen

5. Use s to turn on the pump to let the oil circulate. After the operation button works repeatedly for several minutes, the fault of the lower collet is eliminated, but a similar fault occurs when the collet releases the button in operation. Martergobase intelligent ergonomic base,

6. Support multiple operations of rotation, lifting and angle tilting

7. Hdmi+dp multi interface

8. Full HD IPS hard disk, 178 degree wide viewing angle

9. Refer to more introduction details>

II. Philips display 245b1 activity price:

deposit: ¥ 10.00 deposit can be worth 110.00 yuan price: ¥ 1599.00 activity quotation link:

III. Philips display 245b1 basic parameters:

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