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Packaging standards for tobacco commodities (5)

Section IV packaging of tobacco products

packaging of tobacco products can not only protect commodities, but also beautify and publicize commodities, facilitate the display and sale of commodities, attract consumers and facilitate consumers' identification, purchase, carrying and use

I. The role of tobacco product packaging

(I) slow down the mildew rate of tobacco products

tobacco products, especially cigarettes, are very sensitive to external conditions and change with the change of air temperature and humidity. If the air humidity is high, tobacco products will absorb the moisture in the air and increase the moisture content. When the moisture content of cigarettes exceeds a certain limit, mold begins to grow and reproduce on cigarettes, resulting in the mildew of tobacco products. Reasonable packaging can slow down the moisture absorption rate of tobacco products in a humid environment, so as to delay the mildew of products, "Marbach explained. It is reported that the British 555 brand cigarettes will mildew in 10 days when they are completely exposed in an environment with a relative humidity of 90% at 25C; The 555 brand cigarettes after packaging will not mildew within 58 days under the same conditions. Therefore, the packaging of tobacco products is closely related to mildew

there are also great differences in the mildew of tobacco products under different packaging conditions, as shown in Table 1-1

temperature: 30~35, relative humidity: 85~95%

moisture proof paper starts to mildew in 18 days

aluminum lining paper starts to mildew in 40 days

aluminum lining paper wrapped with transparent paper starts to mildew in 70 days

polyethylene film starts to mildew in 150 days

people have different opinions on how long cigarettes can be stored, but it is usually estimated to be between 4 and 7 months. Oswin proposed an estimation method for "storage life":


where: r= packaging durability, that is, the millibar value of the change in the vapor pressure of the packaging ticket when the equilibrium moisture of the materials in the packaging is increased to 1% of their dry weight every day

f= (ah-a) (h-h1)

h= relative humidity of external environment

h1= relative humidity of internal air

ah = water content corresponding to h

a= water content corresponding to H1

p= saturated vapor pressure of water

s= the number of months in which the goods do not deteriorate

in addition, according to different packaging materials, the effective shelf life of tobacco products can be estimated by the following formula:

where t= the effective shelf life of tobacco products under the packaging, unit: days

w= net weight of packaged product, unit: G

· c2= maximum allowable water content of packaged product, unit:%

c1= water content of packaged product, unit:%

r= moisture permeability of moisture-proof material used, unit: g/M2 · 24 hours

s= area of packaging material, unit: m2

h1= average humidity of storage environment, unit:%

h2= relative humidity in the package, unit:%

k= coefficient

(II) slow down the volatilization of components in products

good packaging can not only protect cigarettes from quickly absorbing external moisture, but also protect the inherent moisture content of cigarettes. If the cigarette is dry and rough, it will also greatly affect its suction quality

good packaging can keep the flavoring agent in the original processing process from volatilizing quickly, so as to ensure the style and quality of tobacco products

(III) promoting the aging of packages

a good tobacco fixture is a combination of these structures. It can also promote the aging of packages and improve the quality of goods. For example, when the moisture content of finished cigarettes is 11.5 ± 1%, 6 Data: after the experiment, the alcoholization of cut tobacco can be carried out in the box. In the fourth quarter, the operating profit margin is 5%, so that the aroma of cigarettes is exposed during smoking, the irritation is reduced, and the flammability is improved

(IV) providing advertising for enterprises

the outsourcing trademark of tobacco products represents the reputation of the enterprise and marks the quality of the goods, which is an effective means of publicity. Through the advertising of product packaging, consumers can leave a deep impression on the enterprise and its products and play a role in expanding purchase and sales

enterprises can also distinguish from other people's goods in the market through packaging, so as to facilitate consumers' brand recognition and purchase, attract consumers to buy their own goods, brand recognition and purchase, so as to encourage enterprises to cultivate and consolidate their reputation, provide the market with tobacco products with reasonable price and high quality, and ensure their position in the market

in addition, the appearance and identification of tobacco products can provide consumers with information such as the type of tobacco products, tar and nicotine content, filter tip structure, etc

according to the characteristics of tobacco production and consumption, the inherent consumption habits of consumers should be taken into account in the packaging design, that is, the composition of cigarette boxes should not make consumers feel upset and confused. It is worth commenting on this point, because the packaging design of tobacco products has basically not changed much in the past 50 years. It basically consists of three parts: one is a transparent film with tear tape; Second, an outsourced trademark paper; The third one is an inner cladding which is pasted on the paper with aluminum foil, and the top is sealed and pasted with a "label" (which used to be a Lianbang tax flower label). Psychological research shows that the action of smokers to open their cigarette packs is a very important part of their habits. Step by step, we know that the procedures for smokers are as follows: (1) pull off the tear tape and throw away the top cover of transparent paper; (2) Tear one side of the inner cladding exposed above, usually without damaging the middle label paper; (3) Pound the other end of the cigarette box against the palm of your hand; (4) Draw out the first cigarette and push the rest into the box; (5) Touch the cigarette box to confirm that you still have a lot of cigarettes

obviously, this process is very important for smokers, with the exception of Hard boxes and flip boxes, which are not sold successfully in the United States because smokers cannot carry out the above steps (2), (3) and (5), and step (5) may be considered the most important. (to be continued)

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