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Product packaging strategy and promotion effect

in the marketing of modern enterprises, packaging must be considered as an important part of products. It not only plays an important role in promoting the sales of products, but also reflects the management level of enterprises to a certain extent. Except for a few products, the vast majority of goods need to be packaged. With the rapid development of packaging materials and packaging technology, packaging has become a special technology and formed a new discipline and industry

according to the function of packaging, packaging should have the characteristics of protection, merchantability, display and convenience. The design of packaging is mainly considered from two aspects: protecting commodities and promoting sales. Packaging can be classified into transportation packaging (large packaging, outer packaging) and sales packaging (small packaging, inner packaging). In order to meet the requirements of commodity packaging, we should pay attention to the research of packaging technology. Packaging technology includes: construction technology, shape design, size analysis and materials

in order to more effectively meet the needs of consumers and achieve good promotion results, packaging strategies should be formulated. When the product is just put into the market, the focus of packaging should be on communicating with consumers and highlighting the brand and trademark. Once the product enters the growth period, it will become an important task to develop the market to help users shorten the R & D cycle of new products. Differentiation strategies will be launched to adapt to different levels of consumption. When the product is mature, in order to maintain the market share and achieve stable sales, efforts should be made to facilitate the use of customers. In the later stage, efforts should be made to reduce costs and protect products in packaging, so as to keep products competitive in the market

the following packaging strategies are often used:

1. Similar packaging

all products produced by the enterprise adopt unified appearance packaging. Due to the same pattern and similar color, customers can easily associate the products produced by the same manufacturer. The adoption of this packaging strategy is conducive to reducing packaging costs, expanding the momentum of the enterprise, especially promoting the rapid opening of new products

2. Various packages

means that various related products are put in the same container, so that customers can meet the needs of multiple consumers in one purchase, or provide more convenience for customers. For example, household small tool boxes, household standing sanitary boxes, and "travel packaging", "gift packaging" and "supporting packaging" that combine many products if there is a need for color belong to a variety of packaging. This packaging strategy can promote sales. Sometimes new products and old products are packaged together, which is conducive to the promotion of new products through the high-speed load measurement sensor of digital display full-automatic impact testing machine

in addition to considering the practicality, various packaging strategies can also attract consumers from the interesting design. The "Heimei" brand transparent toothpaste for children is packed in a box of four tubes. The design of the box is novel and the pattern is vivid. The four small toothpastes in the box are yellow, green, red and orange respectively. There are four unique fragrances: Banana flavor, pineapple flavor, strawberry flavor and Hami melon flavor. At the same time, they are praised as banana sister, pineapple brother, strawberry girl and ha ha boy. The product is very popular with children when it is put into the market

3. Reuse packaging

refers to other uses of the package after the product is used. For example, the bottle for packaging honey can be used as a teacup when the honey is used up; Wine bottles can be used as vases. In some cases, the clothing style and cutting instructions are printed on the packaging paper of the cloth, which, on the one hand, can arouse the desire of consumers to buy again. At the same time, because the packaging is printed with a trademark, it can also play an advertising effect

4. Complimentary package. It refers to adding some gifts to the packaging to arouse consumers' interest in purchasing

according to the general development trend of packaging, small, light, visible, easy-to-use, safe, hygienic, novel and exquisite packaging has a good promotion effect. However, it is also undesirable to pay attention to excessive packaging. Imitation packaging will lose its own characteristics, and counterfeit packaging is an illegal and immoral business behavior. The packaging should also pay attention to the society of the enterprise. As any product needs packaging, it will cause a large amount of packaging waste. Based on the requirements of environmental protection, packaging should also be reduced, reused and recycled as much as possible

promotional function of packaging

I. communication function

packaging design is the media to convey information and the most direct advertising of goods. With unique shapes, new materials and exquisite printing, it can cause consumers' visual pleasure. Graphic design vividly or interestingly conveys the texture, shape, purpose, object and effect of the commodity. The text design specifies the brand, quality, price, composition, preservation method, manufacturing and effective time, as well as general technical indicators, post-treatment methods, etc. Color design more effectively renders the characteristics, charm and overall composition of commodities, and finally conveys a unique cultural atmosphere. It can be said that the visual communication design of packaging is the essence of the whole packaging design, which has the most commercial function

the fundamental purpose of packaging design is to promote sales. Conveying information is the main function of packaging. An excellent packaging can quickly and accurately convey commodity information with accurate positioning, scientific and reasonable structure, novel composition, beautiful and moving image, eye-catching words and concise and lively colors, which will certainly arouse consumers' desire and action to buy, and can stand the test of time. A good packaging design is like a fine handicraft, which can make people have emotional resonance, give people the enjoyment of beauty, and play a subtle role in publicity and education

II. Publicity function

packaging design can not only make consumers familiar with the goods, but also enhance their memory and good impression of the commodity brand, but generally the downstream enterprises are considering their own economic effects. The packaging picture can quickly and directly reflect the brand of the enterprise and store their trust in the commodity production enterprises, making packaging design the most direct and effective tool for the omni-directional penetration of the market and various consumption factors and consumption links

III. beautification function

besides considering general and specific functions, packaging design also has beautification and decoration functions. For example, cosmetics are diverse and unique in shape, and transparent, translucent and various textures give people an aesthetic feeling. The packaging design not only gives people a beautiful visual enjoyment, but also reflects a rich cultural atmosphere

IV. enlightenment function

in the promotion function of packaging, there are not only material and economic factors, but also spiritual, persuasive and educational functions. For example, some intelligent content is often printed on children's products, which is enlightened by wisdom in the process of their use. In terms of food packaging, educational content about food hygiene is also common. In a broad sense, decorative forms such as graphics, words and colors in modern packaging design can also play a subtle role

v. advertising function

packaging advertising can make consumers have a good impression on enterprises and products, induce consumers' hearts, arouse their desire to buy, and urge consumers to take buying behavior. Successful packaging advertising can improve consumers' preference for enterprises and products, increase habitual purchases, and prevent the shortening of sales

"packaging advertising" is the most accessible advertising for commodities and customers. It has a more intimate feeling than other advertising media far away from the commodity itself. It can go deep into every consumer's family

VI. promotion function

in the process of modern marketing, commodity packaging plays an increasingly important role in product promotion. In particular, the emergence of self selected shopping malls without sales will directly affect the sales of goods

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