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Packaging strategy for innovative products

innovative products should enter the market and win the favor of consumers, not including filling enhancement modification and co mixed gold modification. They should only have good internal quality, but also have beautiful and practical packaging

a good package can promote new products. There is an English proverb: the first impression is an indelible one. When the shapes, photos and words of new products are reflected on the packaging, the packaging can be like small billboards, which can introduce products and attract customers. Packaging can also reflect the use of new products through artistic composition, color, shape and text, thus producing great appeal and attraction. Therefore, after developing new products, enterprises must also work hard on packaging

packaging design is an important part of innovative product packaging, which is directly related to the fate of new products. This requires designers to comprehensively analyze the characteristics, grade, price and other self factors of new products, as well as external factors such as market, consumers and competitors, and carry out design ideas. Packaging design varies with different products, different regions and different consumers

to master the packaging design skills, first, to make the packaging truly represent the goods. The effect of using physical photography is better than drawing. It is applicable to the "appearance" of goods. Transparent packaging or windowed packaging is better than closed packaging. Second, it should be convenient for consumers. The packaging of new products must clearly indicate the purpose, usage and precautions of the products. Consumers can easily use them if they follow the diagram. In recent years, supermarkets have developed rapidly, and many department stores and professional stores have followed suit. Except for valuables, they are sold on open shelves and freely purchased by customers. This puts forward new requirements for the packaging design of export products. Therefore, it is necessary to try to use lifting packaging such as hooks, straps, bags and perforations. Third, it should help protect new products that save the results to the database. A good package should not only pay attention to the decoration design, but also pay attention to the structural design, which is conducive to commodity safety. In order to attract consumers, the packaging of new products should also pay attention to a "new" word, be unconventional, and strive to push through the old and bring forth the new. At present, in order to save time and facilitate dining, the foreign food industry has designed cooking bags that can be soaked and heated in boiling water, two-piece cans that can be torn open, etc. The salt paper cans in the United States not only have a grin, but also have a switch, which can control the outflow volume. It is very convenient to use. There are also some food cans with ingenious covers, such as easy to open cans and child safety covers, which avoid the trouble when opening cans

in order to make innovative products enter the market smoothly, enterprises must also pay attention to the packaging strategy of new products. The commonly used packaging strategy is:

1 Supporting packaging strategy. Put something in a package, for example, attach other goods to children's toys to make customers happy, or put bookmarks, pictures, photos of people, etc. in a stationery to expand sales. A few years ago, the "selei" beauty pearl cream produced in Jiangsu was exported to Hong Kong. Each box was inlaid with a pearl. If you buy 50 boxes, you can get a string of pearl necklace. People can't stop after buying. They have to buy 50 boxes and get a string of pearl necklaces, which opens the market for the products. Supporting packaging also helps enterprises drive old products with new products and long-term products with short-term products. In this way, we not only make money but also win the hearts of users

2. Similar packaging strategy means that all products of the enterprise adopt the same form in terms of packaging shape, pattern, color, etc. This can greatly reduce the packaging cost, expand the reputation of the enterprise, deepen the impression of users on this kind of goods, and play the role of advertising. For new products just launched, adopt a similar packaging strategy. American hormon cans, more than 30 varieties, one style; Shiseido's different sets of men's cosmetics, with more than a dozen varieties and the same style, all have to make the delivery time of the manufacturer shorten from the past two months to about 10 days now to achieve good visual effect. It has won the trust of users and quickly opened the market

3. Reuse the packaging strategy. After the product is used, the packaging can also be used for other purposes. In fact, packaging is also a product of the enterprise. In recent years, this packaging strategy has been widely used in medicine and health food. In addition, the method of return and replacement of packaging has led to repeated purchases, which not only facilitates users, but also expands sales

4. changing the packaging strategy is as important as innovating products. For example, in order to expand the market and attract customers, enterprises change the packaging in the process of CFRP cutting, or change the packaging and decoration of products when the sales volume decreases due to poor sales. Source: on September 22nd, 1999, the packaging industry exhibition area of the 50th anniversary achievement exhibition of the founding of the people's Republic of China of China Packaging newspaper was in unprecedented splendor

in the industrial economy exhibition area of this exhibition, the packaging industry sub exhibition area was in unprecedented splendor. The exhibition is mainly based on pictures, words and objects, and equipped with modern audio-visual means such as sound, light, electricity, multimedia and light boxes, so as to comprehensively reflect the struggle course and brilliant achievements of China's packaging industry in the nearly 20 years of reform and opening up

after watching the packaging exhibition area, I feel that the packaging industry has been greatly cared for by the second and third generation leaders of the party and the state for decades. Both Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin have made important instructions to the packaging industry for many times, so that China's packaging industry has completed the nearly 50 year development process of the packaging industry in developed countries in just 20 years

at present, the output of China's main packaging products, such as plastic woven bags, carton packaging products, composite flexible packaging, metal cans and barrels, paper composite cans and barrels, has ranked first in the world

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