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Packaging standard for solid chemical fertilizers

standard category: GB national standard key words: solid and chemical fertilizers Mu15 Packaging Standard No.: GB 8569-1997 Standard Name: solid chemical fertilizer packaging * Standard Classification: Agricultural Soil and fertilizer standard issuing department: issuing date: implementation date:

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area>1 scope this standard specifies the technical requirements and test methods for packaging materials and chemical fertilizer packages of solid chemical fertilizers. It is applicable to the packaging of solid chemical fertilizers such as nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer. 2 reference standard the provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. At the time of publication of this standard, the editions shown are valid. All standards will be revised. Parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest editions of the following standards. Gb190-90 packaging marks for dangerous goods GB191-90 pictorial marks for packaging, storage and transportation gb1040-92 test method for tensile properties of plastics gb4857 Many automobile parts manufacturers in Europe, China and the United States 1-92 marking methods for various parts of packaging transportation packages during test gb4456-84 polyethylene blown film for packaging gb8946-88 plastic woven bags gb8947-88 composite plastic woven bags 3 technical requirements 3.1 technical requirements for packaging materials 3.1.1 packaging materials for solid chemical fertilizers shall be selected according to the provisions in table 1. Table 1 Selection of solid chemical fertilizer packaging materials name of fertilizer product material selection of packaging materials name of multi-layer bag composite bag outer bag: outer bag: outer bag: outer bag: two in one bag two in one square bottom three in one bag two in one bag plastic woven plastic woven plastic woven (plastic woven (plastic woven) (plastic woven bag woven bag woven fabric/film) Weaving/film) weaving/film/weaving/inner bag: inner bag: inner bag: inner bag: inner bag: kraft paper) leather paper) high density modified poly (low density polyethylene chloride ethylene thin polyethylene film film bag film bag film bag urea √√√ - √ - ammonium sulfate √√ - √ - ammonium bicarbonate √√√ - ammonium chloride √√ - √ - calcium superphosphate √√ - √ - calcium magnesium phosphate √√ common faults 1:---- √√ Ammonium nitrate crystal √√√--√ - particle √√√ - √ - ammonium phosphate √√√ - √ &nb

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